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You Can Have A Whiter Smile Without The Hassle of Sloppy Over The Counter Products


Many people come into our office and their teeth are in great condition but they wish they were whiter. Many of them have tried over-the-counter products but have not been pleased with the results and are looking for something that will give them the bright and white smile they’ve always wanted. Many of our patients dream of having a much whiter smile simply because it would improve their self-confidence. That’s one reason why there’s so many over-the-counter products available for teeth whitening. Some of these products get decent results, but for the most part, they come up short in their results.

What stains our teeth?  There are a variety of reasons why your teeth may become stained and discolored. Here are the few of the most common:

  • Drinking dark-colored beverages such as red wine, coffee, tea and soda. Even some energy drinks can cause discolored teeth.
  • Tobacco use
  • Antibiotics such as tetracycline can cause your teeth to become discolored
  • Genetics
  • Aging

We offer two solutions for whitening in our office.

In our office, we generally offer two types of whitening solutions for you:

  1. At-home whitening trays
  2. Zoom in office whitening

The at-home trays are a very popular option with most of our patients. You will find these trays to be safe and effective and can be done at any time and  anyplace. You simply apply the whitening gel in your custom-made trays and wear them for a few hours each day for a few days. The whitening gel contains a whitening agent that removes the stains right out of your enamel and gradually whitens your teeth after each treatment. When your teeth reach the desired degree of whiteness, then all you need to do is maintain your whitening as you see fit.

Zoom whitening is a popular choice with most of our patients.

The second option we offer in our office is called Zoom Whitening. In as little as 45 minutes, your teeth can become 6 to 8 shades lighter. This system is safe and effective and the results are beautiful. It generally only takes one office visit to get the result you want. Zoom will not change the shape or position of your teeth. It will change and enhance your smile substantially and of course your self-confidence.

Here’s how Zoom whitening works.

First, we need to isolate the lips and gums.

We would then apply the proprietary whitening gel. This gel is activated with a specially designed light. Once the treatment is over, a fluoride treatment is applied and the results are simply amazing.

The whitening gel is scientifically formulated, and when activated by the  light it gently penetrates the teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. If you practice a good at-home oral health program and even do occasional touchup whitening at home with our at-home trays, your smile will stay white for years to come.

If you’re dissatisfied with the color of your teeth and you’re looking for options for a brighter and whiter smile, then give our office a call today and will be glad to discuss with you the treatment options available to achieve the results you’re looking for.

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