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TMJ Signs and Symptoms

Identifying TMJ Symptoms and Headache Issues

Symptoms of Bite Force Imbalance

Headaches / Migraines
Headaches, especially migraines, can be debilitating. Over time, loss of productivity paired with constant pain can lead to depression.

TMJ Disorder

Pain or other issues with your jaw. The jaw joint (TMJ – temporomandibular joint) is one of the most intricate joints in your body. It moves up and down, side to side, and is subject to the incredible amount of force your jaw can exert.

Vertigo / Dizziness

Vertigo or dizziness can mean a constant struggle with balance and feeling distracted from your everyday life.


Consistent ringing, buzzing, or hissing in your ears. While this symptom may be just a slight annoyance for some, tinnitus can be a serious distraction that can really interrupt your life.


Treatment for Bite Force Imbalance

Your unique condition will determine the best path for treatment and recovery from the pain and discomfort associated with bite force imbalance.

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy (DTR)

  • DTR Therapy is a revolutionary solution for TMJ disorder symptoms
  • Addresses the muscular and nervous system with computer-guided treatment
  • DTR can effectively improve and/or eliminate jaw pain, headaches, and other symptoms
  • Treatment in fewer visits than ever before possible
  • Relief without an oral appliance (NTI)

Rehabilitative Therapy

  • A series of non-invasive, non-surgical rehabilitative therapy sessions
  • Designed to better match and balance the way the teeth, muscles, and joints work together
  • A high success rate significantly reduces, or in many cases eliminates symptoms and discomfort

Acute Injury Management

  • Control acute injuries such as trauma to the face or head, whiplash, and even simple over-stretching of the jaw joints before it becomes a recurrent and lasting issue
  • Treatment must begin immediately after you have managed any urgent needs the injury requires (e.g., ER, oral surgeon, endodontist, or periodontist)

*After 48 hours, an injury is considered chronic and requires a more involved rehabilitative approach. The sooner we can get involved, the better.


With more than 40 years of experience and an emphasis on the overall well-being of his patients, Peter Barnett, DMD of Star Ranch Dental in Plano, TX, goes far beyond the standard of general dental care. Dr. Barnett is uniquely trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to quickly examine, diagnose and resolve bite force-related symptoms. We implement modern, proven methods through Texas Headache Relief to identify issues often missed by other practitioners who lead to painful or uncomfortable symptoms, whether chronic or irregular. We then provide the right course of treatment for your individual needs, designed around painless (no surgery), drug-free therapies that result in lasting relief for our patients.

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