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Root Canal Therapy To Stop Your Pain


Suppose you are experiencing severe pain while eating. In that case, an intense, heightened sensitivity to hot or cold, tooth pain that keeps you from sleeping or wakes you up at night – or if you notice your gums swelling at the site of a tooth, you feel may be infected – root canal therapy may be your only option for relief.

Root Canal Therapy, or Endodontic Treatment, is the process by which infection is removed with the nerve of a tooth.

Frequently, root canal therapy is the only alternative to extracting an infected tooth.

The phrase root canal has been associated with pain and fear. These days, the treatment is relatively quick, simple, and done with minimal patient discomfort! Root canal therapy usually only takes a single visit but depends significantly on what the doctor finds once we have gained access to the root canal or if the infection is too great.

Simply put, a root canal involves going inside the tooth, cleaning out all the bad and infected stuff, and replacing it with an artificial filling material that is healthy for the tooth.

Once the root canal is finished, the tooth needs permanent restoration. This can be a filling, crown, or only.

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