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Oral Cancer Screening

Accurate Oral Cancer Screening is an Essential Service

According to the latest statistics from the ACS (American Cancer Society), oral cancer is the sixth most deadly cancer, killing over 7,000 people every year and leaving another 30,000 still at risk. If that seems to you to be a worrisome figure, you would be in good company, because on average, one person has died from oral cancer every twenty-four hours for the last forty years!

You would also be in good company if you were wishing that professional dentistry could offer you an oral cancer screening periodically when you have dental checkup appointments. In our practice, we have made the technology investments to be able to perform oral cancer screenings for any of our patients who desire it. We never want any of our patients or their family members to be one of these awful oral cancer statistics!

In addition to the visual exam that is part of our regular checkup appointment, we are utilize VELSCOPE to accurately screen for oral cancer. This technology innovation is composed of a luminescent light source which helps us to accurately pinpoint any potentially cancerous lesions.

The VELSCOPE helps our hygienists to identify any potential oral cancer or other abnormalities in your mouth.

This oral cancer examination is non-invasive, simple and fast, only taking a few minutes to complete, and our patients have always been comfortable knowing that we are utilizing the VELSCOPE technology to ensure their oral health is in excellent condition.

The earliest possible detection is always of extreme importance when you are dealing with any possible cancer, and we think it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you feel the same way, please give us a call to schedule an annual oral cancer screening.  

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