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NTI for Headache and Jaw Pain Relief

NTI – TSS Headache Pain Relief


It can be really difficult to manage chronic headaches, especially migraines!  Sickening nausea, bright light sensitivity, and throbbing pain can make everyday activities like driving to and from work, caring for your family, or work itself very difficult for those who suffer from them.

Due to the wide range of negative side effects, the prescription medications that some people resort to in an attempt to deal with these chronic headaches and migraines are usually not the very best solution.

However, we can offer our patients in this situation, a drug-free treatment to effectively deal with the pain, and it is a small dental appliance called NTI – TSS, or as it is known professionally by dentists, NOCIEPTIVE Trigeminal Tension Suppression System.

Many of these chronic headaches and migraines are caused when people unknowingly clench or grind their teeth while they are sleeping. This nocturnal activity causes aggravation to the facial nerve known as the trigeminal nerve, which affects the upper and lower jaw areas, the forehead, and the eyes.

This aggravation or stress overstimulates this trigeminal, leading to chronic discomforts such as headaches and migraines.

How Does This NTI – TSS Provide Relief For These Types of Chronic Pain?


Although the full name of this special dental appliance is a mouthful, the NTI – TSS itself is not. It is simply a very small piece of acrylic that has been custom molded to each individual patient’s teeth, so it will fit snuggly, but comfortably between the upper or lower front teeth, and prevents your teeth from coming completely together while you are sleeping.

This preventative action of the NTI – TSS also keeps the jaw muscles from engaging when you bite down or clench your teeth, thus providing a way for the trigeminal nerve to get some much-needed rest, and return to its normal function.

We currently have this FDA-approved dental appliance available for the treatment of chronic headaches and migraines, and we can custom-fit it just for you, so please give us a call today, if you are experiencing these problems.

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