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Invisalign Is The Number One Way Plano Residents Straighten Their Teeth

INVISALIGN Clear Aligners – What Are They And How Do They Work?

These clear aligners are orthodontic devices that act as almost invisible braces for your teeth.  These clear or “invisible” braces from INVISALIGN are manufactured to fit over your teeth very precisely, and then gradually move your teeth to an ideal position. This ideal positioning creates a more perfect bite alignment and a beautiful arch-shaped smile.

We will begin this special INVISALIGN treatment process with a consultation appointment, where we will begin to design your specific clear trays after hearing your smile goals and personal desires.

The entire process is always based on you, our patient’s requirements and needs. INVISALIGN is not only easier and more quickly manufactured, but is also a faster restorative process than are traditional braces.  In addition, INVISALIGN does its amazing work basically unseen from most of the public, since its aligners are clear and almost invisible.

Who Are Good Candidates For INVISALIGN Clear Braces?

Once we have a complete consultation with you one-on-one, we can accurately determine if you are a good candidate for these clear aligner trays.  The following six reasons are generally when we would use INVISALIGN braces:

  1. To correct deep and misaligned bite patterns.
  2. To close spaces and gaps in between teeth.
  3. In order to straighten crooked and crowded teeth.
  4. To pull back protruding teeth.
  5. In order to correct “gummy smiles”.
  6. To fix other kinds of smile defects.

What is The Process in Getting INVISALIGN to Correct My Smile?

The first step, as you might expect, is a consultation/examination appointment with us, and the really good news is that INVISALIGN is one of the most simple smile enhancement processes you could choose.

During this first phase appointment, we will take several digital photos of your teeth and bite alignment, and then we will take a look at these photos with you, and discuss what smile outcome you are looking to obtain.

As an industry dentists have learned to become really good listeners, and that is certainly true with our practice. As a result, we better understand our patient’s desired outcomes, and so customize plans that will achieve those desires.

If INVISALIGN clear aligners seem to be the agreed upon best choice for your individual goals and needs after this consultation, we will then begin by scanning your teeth for our office records.  

We will create a computer program that will show in detail, what your teeth should look like as they go through the gradual movement process with each new set of aligners.

We will review your computer simulation with you, and if you are pleased with what you see, we can start the process. This effectively gives you a chance to see the end result before you make a financial investment in the actual treatment schedule.

What All is Involved in The Complete INVISALIGN Clear Braces Treatment Schedule?

In order to keep your teeth in the ideal INVISALIGN created, treatment position, you will also require periodic retention adjustments, just like every other orthodontic treatment does. However, this INVISALIGN treatment offers a new type of retainer, which works even better than the traditional, bulky metal orthodontic retainer.  They are simply dental trays which you wear only while you are sleeping.

These retainer trays are computer fabricated in the final stage of the INVISALIGN clear braces process, and changed every four months. Since traditional orthodontic retainers often tend to soften as they wear, which allows them to shift out of their ideal position, these INVISALIGN clear retainers tend to be a better option.

They have proven a better option because they are freshly fabricated every four months, thus keeping your teeth in the final stage alignment position much more securely. Another option that is sometimes used is to use a permanent retainer bonded to your lower set of teeth, and then an INVISALIGN nighttime retainer for your upper teeth.

We will always discuss each option with you to determine which INVISALIGN clear brace option is the best for you, especially if you are looking to enhance the appearance of your natural teeth without the investment of porcelain veneers. Please give us a call for a consultation appointment today.


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